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Emily Crosss

Agency Name Emily Cross
Address Westville
Postal Code 4001
Mobile Number 0611589461
Email Address emililybow@gmail.com
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Description A few of 2018 Productions, all Produced by Emily Cross. Game: Pearl Thusi -January Game: Valentines Day Serenade - January Game: Valentines Day Stop Animation - January Game: Baby Campaign - February Game: Easter Holiday Campaign - March Game: Discount On Us - March FMI: Back The Brave - April Game: Onetime - May Game: OMGame - May OMO - Fathers Day - June ISCA Taps - Trend Campaign - July Hardy Boys - Varsity College - August FMI - Challenge Change Campaign - August SA Homeloans - 100% for you - October Unilever - Uniquely Unilever - November The Whole Child - Directed and Produced - December
Crew Categories Producer
Production Assistant
Production Coordinator
Production Manager