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 The Upon-A-Quest Screenwriters' Agency and Management Company needs your stories! TODAY! 

Especially if you have a story that will appeal to the township generation of between 11 years and 20 years old (in other words the guys and gals with pocket money, time, no commitments and old enough to go to the movies) for a new rural movie-house development initiative. Their favourites are comedies, action and drama. 

But other stories are welcome too!

About the Upon-A-Quest:
The company is a bridge between writers and production companies, broadcasters and distributors. 

Although the company was started two weeks ago, it has been the dream of a group of professional, township generation for years. After some planning we finally opened our company at the beginning of February and, although we knew the company was going to be a success, we could not have predicted the THIRST FOR STORIES. We have been inundated with calls from producers from all over the country since last week for all genres, for both film and TV, and township generation ! So, we need you!

How we work:
If you want to submit your story / stories, request a Non-Disclosure Agreement from us (because we are passionate about protecting our writers too).
We ask R150 (feature films or TV series concepts / episodes) or R130 per short film scripts and web episodes / films to read your script(s), which is used for admin purposes. 

Then 4 professional, experienced writers will read your stories and discuss potential buyers and identify them within our well connected network. And we'll send you our feedback!

And your story is automatically stored in our database. Remember you are protected by the NDA we signed with you before we got started.
Once we have a producer(s) in our scopes, we negotiate a contract with you regarding representing you. 

Representation includes the following:

Once we identify a possible buyer we help you polish your script, logline, tagline, synopsis and treatment, character bios and / or TV series bible.
Then we send out query letters.
We pitch it to interested producers.
When one of the producers decide to make it, we meet with you and them and negotiate fees as well as draw up legal contracts.
Once the deal is sealed the writer pays us a percentage (between 10% and 15%) of the payment from the producer to cover our services from the day we read your script to the day we signed the deal for you.
Even after you have either sold your script or been contracted by the producers we continue to be your representatives and if legal disputes arise, we are able to advise and / or represent you in court with our lawyers.

Our company is based on trust, dedication and experience.


Whether you are in a rural town with only a phone to type on, or in the center of a major city, we can find a fit for your story. But we can't do it if the story is in your desk drawer, on your phone or in you computer and not under our eyes! 

Please send your queries to uponaquest@gmail.com or phone Yolanda on 081 531 2730 or Lorato on 079 334 5739 right away.

Also have a look at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/uponaquest/

We look forward to receiving your stories!!! 

Yours sincerely,
Lorato Phefo & Yolanda Lindeque-Strauss
Upon-A-Quest Screenwriters' Agency and Management Company