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26 Oct 2017  |   All new season of Durban Beach Rescue premieres on Travel Channel (DSTV 179) on Saturday, 27th November at 20:00.

 The hugely popular Durban Beach Rescue is back - and according to executive producer Bronwyn Berry,  this  new season is “bigger and better than ever.”
A real-life ‘Baywatch,’ Durban Beach Rescue follows the day-to-day experiences of the courageous and dedicated lifeguards who work one of the most difficult coastlines in Africa- Durban Beach... during the frantic Christmas and New Year’s holidays when the beaches are overflowing and packed to capacity.
Like the highly-rated Season one, the new season features life or death moments, dramatic rescues, out-of-control crowds, and sharks venturing too close to the bathing areas. Not to mention a team of lifeguards in peak physical condition and a nice assortment of beachfront eye-candy in every episode. 
Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art filming technology that allows cameras to swoop, dive and come at the action from every angle, this season features even more exciting incidents that have to be seen to be believed. There’s the shark feeding frenzy that panics the bathers; the capture of a runaway crocodile; an invasion by the stinging Portuguese Men of War; a lifeguard going ‘undercover’ to trap a beach predator preying on innocent bathers. And dramatic rescues --  including a kite surfer out of his dept; a fisherman washed out to sea; a family trapped on a  secluded beach… just as the high tide rushes in; and a young woman who, despite the lifeguards’ warnings, goes for a midnight swim, unprotected and alone.  In order to save her life, every second will count.
As in the style of the first season, everything happens in “real time” -with cameras up so close and personal, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the ocean with them.
Although the series is packed with many edge-of-your-seat, white knuckle rescues, there’s also plenty of lighter moments such as the seasonal lifeguards competing for a place on the team; a barbecue on a makeshift raft in the middle of the ocean; and the discovery of a live octopus by a bunch of beachfront children.
The stars of the show are Beach Coordinator Clint; Senior Lifeguards Sihle, Ant, James and MJ; recently qualified Lifeguard, Sue; and Seasonals Cameron and Tammy. They are charismatic heroes, professionals who put the lives of the holidaymakers above their own-- and have zero tolerance for anyone who breaks the rules. According to Clint, “It was one of our toughest seasons. And every time I turned around, the cameras were there. The crew worked so hard I was ready to give them a whistle and recruit them for next year. ”  
Shot over the December / January holiday season, the crew was on the beach from sunrise to sunset, working ‘lifeguard’ hours even on the big holidays. With unprecedented access to the lifeguards’ inner sanctum, they were determined not to miss a thing. 
“The lifeguards gave us permission to monitor their communications and whenever there was an incident, the camera crew responded instantly, traveling through the crowded promenade on golf carts and skateboards-- whatever it took to get the shot.” said producer Jacintha Timothy. 
When it comes to Durban Beach, there’s never a dull moment. And it’s all captured in the new season of Durban Beach Rescue premiering on Travel Channel (DSTV 179) on 27th November at 20:00.
For more information:  Bronwyn Berry /  / +1 551 795 0577