Production Cost

Production Cost
Durban, KwaZulu Natal offers extremely competitive rates in terms of locations and film support services.

Facilitation and Service Providers

Travelling through uncharted territory can be fun if you are on holiday but if you`re in the business of producing film, the journey will be a lot smoother, more time and cost effective if you are working with someone who understands the lay of the land. Utilizing Durban based facilitators also enables you to access various benefits available to locally based companies. The SERVICES DIRECTORY includes a number of local production companies who can facilitate and coordinate various support services on your behalf.

Value Added Tax

Currently levied at a rate of 15%, VAT is an indirect tax primarily levied against goods and services in South Africa and goods imported into South Africa. Only registered vendors are able to charge VAT on goods / services or claim input tax. Utilizing a South African facilitation company that is registered as an exporter, enables non-residents to reclaim most VAT expenses, with the exception of passenger vehicle hire, catering, accommodation and fuel.

Download SARS Guide here: www.sars.gov.za

Crew, Cast and Talent

Durban boasts an electric mix of ethnicity and cultural diversity including influences from across Africa, Europe and Asia and South African crew has been rated as one of the most hard working and talented crew base in the world. Actors, Extra`s and models are represented by a number of agencies.

See CREW DIRECTORY  for contact details. The latest recommended crew and talent rates and working conditions can be accessed via the Commercials Producers Association and can be accessed on their website www.cpasa.tv